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Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins, are permanently dilated capillaries. The very thin walls of the fine facial capillaries dilate and constrict constantly throughout life
to regulate our body temperature. But as we age, they lose their elasticity and the ability to constrict, so often they become permanently dilated and visible
through the skin. Advanced electrolysis is a specialised treatment that uses an electrical current and just the very tip of the finest, smallest needle possible to
help to remove unwanted skin blemishes and should leave you with no marks on the skin.*

Bourne Valley Beauty’s Advanced Electrolysis Treatments are the perfect treatment for thread veins on your face and body.
Thread veins that show on our bodies are veins that are perminanently dilated and become visible through the skin. Our advanced
electrolysis procedure is a specialised treatment that removes unwanted skin blemishes using fine tipped needles along with an electrical current.
Results vary from person to person and a consultation is needed before any treatment can begin.


Designed to remove your hair permanently*

If you have unwanted hair in unwanted places, electrolysis is a treatment that can remove hair for good, wherever it is on your body and/or face.
Electrolysis is often used in conjunction with laser hair removal, as it can remove white hair that cannot be treated with IPL alone. If you have hirsutism,
this could be the perfect treatment for you. Or maybe you’re just fed up of shaving or waxing your legs, bikini area or underarms! Electrolysis is a
cost-effective treatment, that can save you from the ongoing costs of shaving, waxing or threading.

We use electrolysis to remove unwanted hair from your face, often permanantly.

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